Here are some steps to follow if you’re experiencing problems pairing your camera, such as the QR code not scanning, or any error messages you receive after scanning the QR code

If you’re not hearing a voice prompt or seeing the LED light on the front of the camera:

1. Check your wire connection.  Pinpoint the issue by using a different micro USB cable and power adapter.

If your camera isn’t scanning the QR Code shown on your device during the pairing process:

1. Ensure that your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz band network before pairing (5GHz is not supported). While all routers have a 2.4GHz band available, you may need to adjust your router settings in order to pair your camera. Once paired, you can switch your phone back to your 5GHz band network.

2. Turn up your phone’s brightness to the highest settingPlace the QR Code directly in front of the camera lens. Slowly move your device back approximately 6” away from the lens.

If you’re receiving an error message after scanning the QR code:

1. Ensure that the WiFi network name is in English letters. SECURITY/PASSCODE should be WPA/WPA2 (mixed mode) or WPA2.

2. Ensure that your WiFi password is 8-20 characters in length.

3. Ensure that you’re selecting the correct camera model when adding the camera. The camera model is listed on the product box and underneath the camera. 

4. Go to the YI Home app login page and ensure that you’re connecting from the correct region. If your camera was purchased from a US retailer and taken to another region, you will still need to select the North American region regardless of your location. 

5. Disable MAC address filtering in your wireless router settings during the pairing processMAC filtering is disabled by default, and would only be enabled if you’ve configured the router that way. The MAC address can be found under YI Home App > Settings > Network Info. 

6. Reinstall the YI Home app then follow the pairing process again

For all other issues or clarity on any of the above, email us here, we will be happy to get your camera going!