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Revolutionize Your Home's Safety: Get the Award-Winning SparkSpot™!

Experience hassle-free installation and cutting-edge 1080P vision with the 2023 TechSpot Security Device of the Year. Secure your home day and night with no extra costs!

Spark Spot™, the revolutionary security camera that easily screws into any socket like a lightbulb! It’s perfect for homeowners, parents, pet owners, and businesses. Peace of mind has never been so easy & affordable!

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Recent Customer Reviews

  • "Well worth the money. Its flawless motion tracking and myriad features rival even big-name cameras."

    - Richard Meyer (Cincinnati, OH)

  • LightBulb Camera

    “The camera is very well made and as soon as you put it in your hand, you know right away that it’s a winner. This camera is robust and elegant. A real winner!" – Steve Troise (San Diego, CA)

    – Steve Troise (San Diego, CA)

  • I get way more done, and I don't have to be at the office early to start every day! Having 4 cameras in our office allows for me work from home on days I don't feel motivated to grind with the team!🫡

    – Jared L. (Lancing, Mi)

  • "It has already assisted us twice. Incredibly simple to install and connect!"

    – Tara Phillips (Dallas, Tx)

  • Security in a busy neighborhood for 2024! Got this for a gift to my family and it took us 5 minutes to have a live view of the backyard!

    – Ryan Malone (Orlando, Fl)

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