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Author Bio: Kyle Sweezey

  • Kyle Sweezey

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    🚀 Web Pioneer Since ’98: Crafting digital experiences before Google was a household name. From the era of Altavista and Lycos, I’ve been shaping the web. 🛒 E-Commerce Trailblazer (’99): Launched my first online store when e-commerce was just a baby. I’ve seen it all, from dial-up days to lightning-fast 5G. 🎯 Performance Marketing Guru (2007-Present): Diving into media buys when Facebook was just opening to the public. I’ve played the field on major platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, and MGID, mastering the art of profitable advertising. 💡 Tech Whisperer: Fluent in the language of AI, natural language models, and modern semantic SEO. A WordPress wizard, Java juggernaut, and React revolutionary, constantly optimizing and innovating for profitability.

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